St Francis of Assisi

Fr Joseph Rathnaraj, PP – Parish Priest

Fr Joseph RathnarajFr Joseph Rathnaraj: 40-year priesthood not unlike Moses in the desert.

In a Christian context, a 40 year journey would always refer to the great journey of the people of Israel, led by Moses through the Sinai Desert and the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea as described in the Book of Deuteronomy.

The journey I refer to now is my own journey, having completed 40 years since receiving the gift of priesthood in 1970. The good God has led me in His mysterious ways in the journey of my priesthood. I gratefully and joyfully remember the day of my ordination on 18 December 1970. It happened in the small coastal town of Tuticorin in South India. Having been born on 19 September 1945 in a family of six children to devoted parents, I was a young man of 25 when I received the grace of priesthood.

Deacon Trevor Lyra – Permanent Deacon

Deacon Trevor LyraPermanent Deacon’s 10th Anniversary: Diaconate appointment is both an honour and an opportunity to serve the parish and the poor.

When Permanent Deacon Trevor Lyra was ordained 10 years ago, it was the second time he had entered into a fellowship of men serving something bigger than themselves.

Permanent Deacons are men – married or single – who are called to be ordained ministers of the Church, undertaking a spiritual role in the Archdiocese at a specific parish or location. Deacons can preach, celebrate baptisms, marriages, conduct Communion Services and other liturgical celebrations such as funeral services but are unable to celebrate Mass, anoint the sick or give absolution.