What is it? Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Or the way adults become Catholics and enter into full communion with the Catholic Church and their Community at St Francis of Assisi Parish in Maida Vale.

The process starts in about June/July depending on when Easter is the following year. (Sometimes Easter can be as late as the end of April or the middle of March).

It begins with inquiry session (4) where all the questions you want to know about the process can be asked, as well as, information on the layout of the Church, Statues, Saints, Words we use, vestments the Priest wears etc., Incense, Holy Water.

Should you decide after these introduction sessions you would like to continue with the lessons, these will continue until approximately the week before Easter.

The timetable is set out so that there are breaks during the school holidays, over Christmas, and there are some social functions during the whole process. There also the Rite of Election in St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth, where you will be presented to the Bishop as the head of the Church in Perth.

The lessons are given by the RCIA team which is Deacon Trevor and Deirdre Lyra. At times we have leaders of different groups in the church come and tell us about their Ministry.

RCIA sessions are also available to Catholics who wish to know more about their faith. In the last two years we have had several people be involved in this way. Not only does it help their faith grow it also helps those wishing to come into the church at Easter get to know some of the parishioners. They can be a wonderful witness to others as they share their journey in their own faith.

Contact Details:
Rev Fr. Joseph Rathnaraj: 9454 6385
email: stfrancisofassisi@ozemail.com.au

Deacon Trevor Lyra: 9453 6847

Deirdre Lyra: 9453 6847

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